Why Choose Overseas Direct?

When is it the best option for you?

Kinetic’s Overseas Direct may be suitable if you order large volumes at minimal costs. By producing your custom products Overseas, we can take advantage of lower price points and pass the saving on to you. This also allows us to ship orders directly to their final destinations within 5 and 10 weeks once product proof(s) have been approved.

White Glove Management

Our white-glove approach to your account management eliminates all hassles and headaches when working overseas. We work with suppliers accredited with QCA, CBSA, and C-TPAT certifications allowing our Logistic team to handle all Duties and Customs with exceptional efficiency.

Quality Control

Our supplier’s factories overseas are carefully selected. We strive for excellence and will not be satisfied until your order exceeds our highest standards.

Direct Import – Made Easy

Your express ticket to world-class service and design. Consider us your “go-to” direct import partner. Let us navigate the global process for you with unsurpassed service and quality.

Identify the Key Requirements

We will get to know your brand, logo, colors, and philosophy.

Create Concept Designs

Based on your target audience and current trends, we will create a product concept to match your company’s messaging intent.

Implementation Phase

When is your event? What is the key message you need to convey? What is your price point? What is the delivery location? These are all questions that are a part of the implementation process.

Evaluate Completed Design

Whether we modify a current product we offer or design from scratch, you and your team will experience every step of the process. We are your partners in making your marketing experience unique as your brand.

Stylish product ideas for any budget


We have over 30 years of direct import experience.


Learn how our team of experts can partner with you to create inspired products that meet your customer’s needs.

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Personal Touch

Give Gifts with a Personal Touch

Mix and match products to create the perfect gift. Or custom design your own products and we will kit them with decorative packaging with a personal touch.

  • Fully Customized Gifts

  • Unlimited Drop Shipments

  • Combine products we offer or custom design your own.

  • Standard packaging or custom packaging options.