Your Customers Are Watching, Tell Them Your Story

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Your Customers Are Watching, Tell Them Your Story

Social media platforms are meant for creating connections and communities. We see where our neighbor went for vacation, the recently opened coffee shop only a few blocks away, and get updated about people’s lives around the world. And a few years ago, pioneered by Snapchat, we’ve seen a new tool that lets us peek into our friend’s day. Within 24 hours, social media stories can activate our human instinct and love for gossip.

It is the type of gossiping that rewards us psychologically, and it also gives our business concrete gains.

In 2018, studies showed that  Instagram users alone spend an average of 30 minutes of their day using the stories feature. Not only are we able to give a glimpse of what we’re interested in or the daily events that happen to us, but also, stories can get brands discovered. Within 30 minutes, we can have a customer viewing our business.

Stories create a nature of authenticity. Whether we choose to produce content or post random things, this feature enables us to connect to our audience in real-time. The 24-hour visibility can quickly capture their attention and build suspense, making them more engaged.

We love sharing a part of our lives, and as much as we don’t often admit, we also love seeing it from others. And that applies to our relationship with our customers. They would want to know more about you as much as you want to know about them. Through social media stories, this connection is made easier.

33% of popular stories are from businesses. If you haven’t started incorporating it in your strategy then, this is your sign. Your competitors may be already using it, so take advantage and don’t get left behind. Moreover, 20% of stories posted by businesses result in a direct message. By taking your shop directly to your customers, you will be able to gain more sales.

All of us have a human instinct for storytelling, and through social media stories, we can activate that instinct on our customers. Apart from content-creating, stories are our avenue to create our business image, to make it more human-like as possible. In this way, our customers can easily approach us, be curious about us, and interact with us. Be a business that is worth watching!

About the author : Denis Gagnon