Why You Should Create a Sales Playbook

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Why You Should Create a Sales Playbook?

When it comes to company departments, sales teams have one of the toughest tasks and one of the most critical roles, and with COVID-19 significantly impacting the global economy, they can use any resource they can get.

Here’s why your sales team needs a playbook:

Supplement Training

Bringing on new salespeople is always a risk. Someone’s resume may look great on paper and they’ll know your product inside and out, but if they don’t have the confidence to communicate your value, you can see a loss in potential sales. Build up your team’s confidence by providing them with scripts that they can rely on to sell your products well.

Keep Your Team Consistent

Talk to 10 salespeople and you’ll come up with 11 fool-proof sales strategies, and while each person on your team may have their own strategies and charisma, a good leader knows how to unify them into one. Use your sales playbook to get all your teammates speaking the same language and using your proven method to win customers.

Make Your Pitch Adaptable

Dwight Eisenhower once said “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything”, and this principle absolutely applies to sales. Every person you call is going to have a different story or need, so you need to make sure your team is prepared for any curveball thrown their way.

Increase Team Confidence

We talked about the importance of confidence when training a new teammate earlier, but sales playbooks can also develop long-term confidence for your entire team. Having a group of professionals trusting your resources and being able to support each other when they have questions can lead to stronger group morale and a smoother sales machine.

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About the author : Denis Gagnon