Why Defining Company Culture is Essential to Your Business’s Success

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Why Defining Company Culture is Essential to Your Business’s Success

Whether you’re developing your entrepreneurial efforts into a thriving business or you’re shifting your business objectives, having a defined company culture will help your employees rally around the core ideals of your brand. Company culture should be strategically centered around your overarching values and beliefs to promote employee cohesion and engagement.

Why Company Culture Is Valuable

Without a clearly defined culture, your employees will lack direction in their decision making and future planning. Company culture influences:

  • Hiring Practices: With a precise culture in mind, your HR team can efficiently hire talented individuals who will align with your goals and values
  • Employee Retention: When an employee is comfortable and confident with an organization’s goals, they’re more likely to stick around.
  • Brand Recognition: A well-defined culture will make your brand desirable to future employees and customers. You’ll build trust in your organization’s values by having a central vision for your employees to work towards and promote.  
  • Employee Satisfaction: If your employees believe in your culture, they’re likely to work harder because they know what is expected of them, and they’ll feel satisfied in their work.

The Why, What, and Where

Now that we’ve determined that company culture is necessary, the next step is to understand what your culture is and what you want it to be. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do we do what we do?
  • What do we value as an organization?
  • Where do we want to go in the future?

Taking time to understand the why, what, and where of your organization will help you determine your current culture and what steps you need to take to get to your desired environment.

Objectives-Based Culture

The Leader’s Guide to Company Culture discusses the eight culture styles and how they influence an organization’s strategic decision making. They are:

  • Caring: focused on relationships and trust
  • Purpose: built on idealism and altruism
  • Learning: allowing exploration and creativity
  • Enjoyment: prioritizing fun and excitement
  • Results: geared towards achievements and winning
  • Authority: determined by strength and decisiveness
  • Safety: adhering to planning and preparedness
  • Order: always considering respect and social norms

Each objective is unique but can be used with others for a robust cultural definition. However, it’s crucial to find a culture capable of driving your business model and organizational goals. 

We’d love to help you build and define your company culture through consultation, branded employee products, and our Company Store Program. We desire to see businesses thrive with robust culture and intentional branding. Schedule a consultation by calling 800-951-3755 ext 2 or emailing info@kinectglobal.com.

About the author : Denis Gagnon