What Happens in 2021?

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What Happens in 2021?

We cannot wait to say this, but finally, 2020 is over! We are entering a new year full of hope and courage. 

What happened in the previous months shocked us to the core, but still, here we are, resilient as ever. And how can we bring this resiliency to our brand in the coming year?

  1. Appeal to the Millennials and the Gen Z
    Consumers of this era are mostly millennials. And in the turn of the year, a new generation, the Gen Z, would also enter the workforce and will take on higher positions, thus, increasing their buying capability. You need to ensure that your products cater to them. Would they be enticed when you do the traditional way of marketing or is it better online? Are they more likely to buy techie stuff? Are they into personalized items? Keep track and look into the latest trends, and you’ll know how to efficiently offer your services.
  2. Play A Role Outside of Your Business
    Our consumers are socially conscious. They would care whether our products are ethically made, if they’re eco-friendly, or if we’re selling them for a cause. This mindset is not for 2021 alone; it’s already pre-existing, we just need to apply it again. We need to put a heart in our brand. And no, it is not just about our dedication and drive for success, but it’s about doing business not only for profit but also for the greater good. 
  3. Your Consumers and Their Support for Local Businesses
    The pandemic has strengthened our sense of community. With the lockdowns that were imposed, we ran to small businesses in our locality. And we are bringing that with us in 2021. This drive is deeply resonated with your customers. In a Salesforce report, 59% of them prefer buying from small businesses over big corporations. With this, no matter what industry you are in, “#supportlocal” will always fit within your brand.

2021 is expected to be a year of recovery, of bouncing back from what had happened. We are bringing with us high hopes that the new year will be better. So, let us stick with our goals and not let our uncertainties control us. 

Here’s to a year of great choices!

About the author : Denis Gagnon