The Woman’s Entrepreneur’s Guide: Finding “Me” Time

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The Woman’s Entrepreneur’s Guide: Finding “Me” Time

A hectic business, combined with trying to balance other areas of your life, may lead to you feeling like you are spinning too many plates in the air at once. 

With kids, family, work, employees, and the many responsibilities that we have to fulfill, there never seems to be enough time to let alone think about our own needs or desires.

This type of schedule can lead to experiencing depression, anxiety, or exhaustion. Besides how it affects us personally, fatigue means your business performance and attentiveness to all you have to do will suffer. Irritation becomes common, as we feel overwhelmed and unable to deal with the stressors of the day.

Everyone is different, and we each have other ideas about finding time for ‘me.’ This is a guide to making some ‘me’ time. The solutions below are not the only ones but may give you some ideas about finding space and time in your life. 

Utilize the Time You Have

If you have errands to run or appointments to keep but find yourself early or waiting around in your car, make use of the time. For example, read a book or practice meditation. These two activities require a certain amount of tranquility and peace, so why not use your window of opportunity to do this. Of course, you could listen to some music and relax. 

A Date with You 

Once a week, take time to do the things you like to do alone. To do this, you need to learn to say no to the people in your life or learn to delegate your duties to someone else (mainly talking delegating to employees). Enable yourself to have some time to relax. 

Go and grab a drink somewhere, get some exercise, or even disappear to another part of the house. Anything you can think of to do that would enable you to free up space in that busy head of yours. 

Guilt-Free “Me Time”

When further questioned, nearly 75% of the 2000 women felt they lived their whole lives for other people. Some women are lucky enough to have partners and family to rely on to take the strain; others are not. However, there are still things you can do to make time in your life. 

You would think that these tips on finding’ me’ time would be obvious. However, this time can often be challenging to find. A UK study looking at working mothers found that 51% of them went weeks without relaxing independently. 

Once a month, treat yourself; this can be anything you wish, such as shopping, a spa day, a movie, or even just spending time with your friends, catching up on their lives. It is your choice. Go and see the great outdoors, spend a day cycling. The point is this is ‘me’ time.  


No, means setting boundaries and limiting what you will or are willing to do in a single day or week. You may need to say no to some things, but considering how much your wellness matters, it will be worth it. 

Best Tip

The best tip you all need to know is by planning your day and week; you can identify opportunities for ‘me’ time. Making lists and looking at your week would help you to see those times where gaps appear in your schedule. The organization can be the key to doing this. 

The more you practice doing this, the more you will learn where you can fit things in. It could be as simple as going for a walk for 20 minutes. On that walk, take a look at the world around you. We live in a beautiful world, whether it is a flower or a smile on a person’s face. It is all there for us; you need to be able to see it. 

Now get yourself some ‘me’ time.

About the author : Denis Gagnon