Introverted Entrepreneurs’ Quiet Confidence: Humility

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Introverted Entrepreneurs’ Quiet Confidence: Humility

Life looks easier for entrepreneurs. They seem to move calmly through their days, are willingly assisted by others, and are optimistic leaders who have loyal followers. While there is most likely a multitude of reasons behind why these individuals may have a more comfortable life, we would like to suggest that it starts by developing quiet confidence.


Entrepreneurs often mistake being humble for not being self-confident, for being meek, or unassuming. It means having quiet confidence. It’s about having a conviction of your self-worth and your ability to contribute to the world in positive ways, both big and small. Humility garners respect because a humble entrepreneur doesn’t put himself above others and pays attention to what everyone has to say. He understands that we all have things to contribute, and he actively listens and learns from everyone. When you are respected, it’s much easier to accomplish something by rallying those in your circle.


Those who are humble step up and help those who need it; they don’t see themselves as too necessary to get their hands dirty, and they know all assistance is essential, even when it seems unimportant to others. Phoning an employee who struggles and volunteering with their team at a soup kitchen is of equal importance. Offering help is not just about what you think you have to offer but trusting that you have something to show the world right now and doing so with a humble appreciation for the opportunity. Modest, helpful entrepreneurs receive assistance in return when they need it. They pay it forward first.

Less Anxiety

Practicing humility has also been shown to lower anxiety. Maybe this is because those who have a more modest expectation of themselves, others, and situations don’t create unneeded stress or are better able to have a realistic and holistic perspective of life. Either way, lowering your anxiety (and expectations) through living quietly confident removes some of the unneeded stressors in your life that affect you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Having less stress and anxiety in one’s life makes life easier!

More Self-Control

It’s rare to see a genuinely humble entrepreneur freaking out about things that aren’t going their way or as planned. Studies show that those obsessed with controlling everything have less control than those who believe in a benevolent universe. Those with humility understand that their plan may not be the best one, and they trust that if something unexpected or unplanned happens, there’s a reason for it, even if they don’t know what it is. They know they don’t have all the answers but trust that they don’t need to. 

Imagine how much easier life would be if we all humbly accepted that if we do our best, things will work out? Think about it.

About the author : Denis Gagnon