How Incentive Programs Can Encourage Workplace Safety

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How Incentive Programs Can Encourage Workplace Safety

Safety in the workplace is important, whether you work in a construction site or in an office. Some of the most common injuries include cuts, trips, and strains, all of which can occur in any workspace. Alongside regular training and risk assessments, incentive programs can have a positive impact on the frequency of workplace accidents, because if properly implemented, they can encourage people to watch out for themselves and for each other. 

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why incentive programs can improve participation in workplace safety.

They Motivate Cooperation Through Participation

The most successful workplace safety programs reward—rather than discipline—workers who identify problems or concerns, which can include anything from spilled water to an improperly stored ladder. This is important for all workers, since, across America, a worker is injured every seven seconds, which adds up to about 4.6 million injuries every year. These numbers are alarming, so establishing a proactive program in all workplaces is crucial. 

They Reward Employees for Being Proactive

Aside from staying away from apparent risks, a well-established safety program will encourage staff members to take safety beyond obvious hazards. This could include taking the time to point out potential hazards to management or recommending related training like health and wellness classes. The more a worker gets involved with safety at the workplace, the more ‘points’ they earn towards the incentives.

Incentives Give Employees a Tangible Goal 

Whether the incentives given to employees are a physical prize, monetary bonuses, certificates, gift cards, company merchandise, or something else, having a clearly-established program will give all personnel the impetus to take part. It could include tiers for levels of participation, from simple reporting to being a part of a safety committee, or leading a talk among colleagues on best practices. 

Have fun with it! A couple of clever ideas include a calculator labeled ‘Your Safety Team is counting on you’, or a classy keychain saying ‘Teamwork is the key to success’. The sky’s the limit! 

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About the author : Denis Gagnon