Employee Health & Wellness: Building a Culture of Health

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Employee Health & Wellness: Building a Culture of Health

Promoting a healthy work environment for your business is crucial to ensure that your employees are performing their best. Check out these 4 reasons why your business needs a health and wellness program for your employees. 

Improve Employee Health Behaviors

Wellness programs help employees adopt healthy behaviors, like eating healthier, exercising more often, and controlling stress levels. These practices can decrease symptoms of depression, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, lower health risks, and incur fewer healthcare costs.

Improve Productivity and Morale

Unhealthy lifestyle choices can result in dramatically higher levels of poor productivity overall. When you offer a health and wellness program for your employees, you’re helping to prevent sickness, fatigue, and mental burnout while expressing that you care for each employee.
Wellness programs elevate employee productivity and morale, allowing employees to engage, communicate, and feel valued. Happier and healthier employees also promote a more positive company culture. 

Decrease Absenteeism

Workplace wellness programs also lower employee absenteeism because they encourage healthy behaviors and an increased capacity to control stress.

Whenever workplace absenteeism is reduced, a business experiences cost savings. In fact, a Harvard study found that for every dollar a wellness program spends, the business can save $2.73 as a result of lowered absenteeism. 

Improve Recruitment and Retention

Offering a health and wellness program shows that you care for your employees’ well-being and is an excellent recruitment perk for potential employees. Ensuring that you have a competitive edge can make it easier to hire dedicated employees. 

According to one survey, 77% of employees considered health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer. Implementing a wellness program also tackles the issue of employee turnover to create a more satisfied, loyal workforce for your business.

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About the author : Denis Gagnon