5 Ways to Promote Health and Wellness in Your Workplace

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5 Ways to Promote Health and Wellness in Your Workplace

These days, job seekers are searching for a company that keeps their wellness front-and-center. If you want your corporation to grow and attract the best talent, you need to show that you care and create an environment that supports your staff.

Check out how you can support the wellness of your team.

Remove the Taboo Around Mental Health

Although we have come a long way in recent decades, many Americans are still worried about their mental health struggles impacting how they may be perceived by their peers. Show your employees that they are not alone in their fight by promoting positive and open discussions on mental health in your organization.

Encourage Employees to Relax and Refresh

If your employees are starting to feel burnt out from their work, encourage them to step away from their desks and take their minds away from work for at least 5 minutes. Studies show that getting up from the desk for some exercise can increase mood and productivity, so the time away will benefit both your employee and your organization.

Promote Nutritious Lunches

Company lunches can be a great way to celebrate camaraderie amongst your team members, and they can also show them you care by providing healthy lunches. You can take this idea even further by sourcing your food from a local restaurant, promoting the support of local businesses as well.

Foster Social Connections

The truth is that we spend as much, if not more, time with our coworkers as with our families, so it’s important to create valuable relationships. Improve office morale and engage coworkers by hosting fun games and trivia nights for the whole company to enjoy.

Recognize Achievements and Hard Work

One of the leading causes of employee turnover is a lack of recognition for their hard work. Whether you’re looking to reward them with a promotion or an impressive trophy, take the time to celebrate your team’s achievements and make them feel valued by your whole organization.

Your employees are the ones who make your business a success, and taking the time to support their health and wellness can lead to a happier organization. Give Kinetic Promotional Product Services a call today at (800) 951-3755 or visit our website for all the great ways to show your team you care.

About the author : Denis Gagnon